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Henry C. Stutz


After winning recognition among the early auto manufacturers with the invention of an improved rear axle, Harry C. Stutz became successively sales manager for the Schebler Carburetor Company, engineer for the Marion Motor Car Company, and designer of the famous “American Underslung” for the American Motor Car Company. In 1910 he entered into the Stutz Motor Parts Company and in 1911 organized the Ideal Motor Company to manufacture Stutz cars. Two years later the companies merged to form the Stutz Motor Car Company with Stutz as president. Although he sold his interest in Stutz Motor Car Company in 1919, Harry Stutz later joined Henry Campbell, his partner in the Stutz Motor Parts Company, in the H.C.S. Motor Car Company, again as president. Stutz remained president of H.C.S. until his retirement.

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