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Charles Jasper Glidden


In 1900 Charles Jasper Glidden retired from active business life, having accumulated a comfortable fortune during his association with the Bell Telephone Company. In 1903 he made a motor tour of the major countries of Europe, followed a year later by an auto journey around the world, the first of its kind. During the latter trip, Glidden conceived the idea of organizing a series of motor tours around the United States to promote the infant auto industry. The first Glidden Trophy was awarded to Percy Pierce in 1905, the last to a team of Metz cars in 1913. While in existence the Glidden Tour was conducted annually (with the exception of 1912) and served to capture the imagination of its spectators, while at the same time stimulating their interest in the burgeoning auto industry. In his later years he devoted much of his time to promoting interest in aviation.

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