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Frederic Samuel Duesenberg


By 1902 Frederick Samuel Duesenberg’s racing experience had won him a position as test driver for the Rambler Company. In 1904 he designed his own car, a racer, which was manufactured by the Mason Auto Company until 1910. About that time, Duesenberg designed his famous horizontal valve engines and introduced them to the racing world. In 1913 the Duesenberg Motor Company was organized, producing a multitude of engines for the war effort. Following the war, Fred and brother August organized Duesenberg Brothers Incorporated to manufacture the racing machines, which in 1919 captured all the world’s records up to 300 miles in every class from 161 to 450 cubic inches. Although E. L. Cord bought control of his company in 1927, Duesenberg remained active in racing until his death, the result of a driving accident.

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