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Horace Dodge


After working as machinists for several companies, John and Horace Dodge developed a ball bearing bicycle and organized the Evans and Dodge Bicycle Company to manufacture it. After numerous financial transactions, their company was absorbed by a Canadian firm and the Dodges went to Detroit to open a machine shop. In 1901 and 1902 they made transmissions for the Olds Motor Works and in 1903 Henry Ford offered each of the brothers 50 shares of stock in his new company, provided they would manufacture engines for him. Although criticized by friends for doing so, the Dodges accepted Ford’s terms, becoming the owners of one-tenth of the newly formed Ford Motor Company. In 1919 they received $25,000,000 for their original $20,000 investment. The Dodge Brothers left Ford to found their own company, Dodge Brothers, Inc., and manufactured their Dodge Brothers car.

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