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Walter P. Chrysler


Walter P. Chrysler left his job as works manager for American Locomotive in 1911 to join Buick Motor Company. When he left General Motors for Willys in 1920, Chrysler was president of Buick and first vice president of General Motors. At Willys Chrysler was executive vice-president engaged primarily in saving the company from bankruptcy. Almost simultaneously, he was attempting to salvage the foundering Maxwell-Chalmers Company. By 1922 Willys was back on its feet, and Chrysler turned his full attention to the Maxwell-Chalmers situation. In 1924 he brought Maxwell-Chalmers out of the woods with the introduction at the National Automobile Show of the new Chrysler models. Shortly thereafter, Chase Securities Corporation agreed to lend Maxwell $50 million, and the corporation that was to become Chrysler was on its way.

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